Personalized Yacht Search  Package

How would you feel if you were guided per a personalized smart route-to-best-asset from independent expertise?

We designed our Personalized Yacht Search process as one package-program. To guide in the most personal targeted way our clients towards their desired specific yacht:

  1.  Expert service 

  2.  One time frame 

  3.  No hidden costs

  4.  A clever fee model promoting your best-buy position

  5.  Full privacy below radar search

  6.  Boutique addresses for desired alterations

  7.  No commercial ties to any yard or brand

Minimized risk, optimized yacht - owner - match.


Your Personalized Yacht Search package contains all process steps:

√  Personal intake incl. naval architect to search your correct aimed yacht

√  Efficient yacht search in # weeks 

√  A nr. # of fixed yacht inspections with naval architect 

√  Aligned steps with your own search activities and your advisors

√  Choices presented from a much bigger pool of top-quality yachts

√  Insiders yacht market information

√  Critical advice from our own experienced naval architect

√  Proper end final inspection and pricing advice for your selected yacht

√  Top experts selected for your case to get a best-buy position and result: 
     e.g. fiscal, legal, interior, tech.

√  Contract negotiations

Result: Guided acquisition of your desired yacht 


Critical. Independent. Transparant and focussed on you.

We'll find your yacht

We love to guide you in a focussed way with the efficient realization of a wonderful yachting experience.

Our aim is to get you happily on board of your best-buy yacht soon after our start.

The Key Differentiation Points of Our Personalized Service

  • Below radar personalized yacht searching

  • Access to a bigger pool of yachts

  • Independent advice

  • The right price set for your selected yacht

  • Experienced renowned naval architect

  • Guaranteed privacy

  • Yachts that can be unknown to be for sale

  • Flexible introductions to renowned yacht experts that apply to your case: technical, legal, fiscal, design, naval architects

  • Visual inspections and survey

  • Home in the world's leading shipyard countries Holland and Italy

  • Well-connected in the superyacht industry

  • Updated with interior design novelties such as Dutch design and Italian design incl. small bespoke craftmanship boutiques

  • A critical Don't Do! when it applies

  • No short sided yacht sales-only attitude

  • One-stop contact

  • Balanced decisions from ratio and out-of-the-box thinking

  • Transparant invoicing; one package price

Optional requested after-acquisition services congruent with your desired yacht life ambiance and for your specific yacht

  • Practical help with do-able desired style alterations for interior and deck

  • Help to have the ideal crew

  • Help to install embedded after-care

  • Help to optimize asset