Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to questions you might have

What does Premium Yachting or Superyacht stand for?

We value premium yachting as a set of unique experiences derived from being on-board at a yacht of the highest quality and length, where you receive top hospitality services. This explicits expert advisors to distinguish such a yacht as to get you the real on-board summum ambiance. Typically, to us, it also often means yachts as of a 30 mtr. length.

What yacht brands will you advice for us?

Depending on the outcome of the personal intake with you; your whishes and ideas, we start our search and we come up with the yacht types that we find interesting, matching your desires. We will only guide you to the acknowledged top quality yacht builders including the ones that build customized yachts. The same applies for your desired premium sportboat and tender. Name dropping a few top yacht brands: Benetti, Riva, Ferretti yachts, San Lorenzo, CRN, Princess yachts, Monte Carlo yachts, Heesen, Amels, Feadship, Baglietto, Silver Yachts, Oceanco, Lürssen, Sunseeker. However, this name list is not complete. There is certainly also more to tell about other interesting yacht brands that are new, innovative and produce fantastic yachts. All depends about what is the best match for you from a design, features and price perspective. Your wishes are leading. We guide you by our expertise and insiders knowledge.

What is the scope of your work?

With our approach, we set forth to find you critically the yachts that we believe are interesting matches after a solid personal intake. Your package includes all steps to have you decide from specific yachts with our help. Providing you with relevant content also from proper inspections. Your benefit comes from insiders key information and a comprehensive search. With the above, we act flexible and smart as we work globally for a cosmopolitan clientèle.

What about my current yacht?

We do not sell yachts since we exist as gateway to your yacht(ing) per personal yacht search. What we will do however upon your request is to connect you with the best broker(s) for your current yacht. And in any case, we have you benefit from our network whenever we can to service you. Our position is always to remain independent as to act in the best interest of our client to find him / her their perfected yacht.

What if I am happier with a new build yacht?

We can tailor for you a similar personalized yacht search package if the outcome is that you desire and are best served with a (semi-) customized yacht. Our alike guidance here, which includes the assistance from our renowned naval architects for the design concept amongst other expertise, also per alligned teaming up with your own advisors, yields you the benefit of a best-buy position for the realization of the yacht of your dreams.

How different are you from a yacht broker?

We determinedly distinguish ourselves by these aspects: We do not sell yachts, we have no commercial ties to any shipyard or brokerage house and we are keenly well-informed about the premium yacht market incl. advicing our clients about quality yacht service companies. Our yacht search really is comprehensive - ("we dive deeper") - and we provide critical objectived advice incl. our naval architect expertise. Our insiders' expert service comes thus from both a differentiated unbiased approach which makes that we are focussed on what is best for you as our client. We also hold a different fee construction that promotes this attitude. Moreover, we are experienced in the private search process for the specific luxury asset that a yacht is. Furthermore, our holistic yacht search entails also finding (realizing) our clients the desired interior design. ambiances onboard. The latter is also our personal drive and the above is our work philosophy to be meaningful and distinct in a market that is often not so transparant.

What are the after-acquisition services?

Premium yacht(ing) involves typically the expert guidance and input from yacht lawyers, tax advisors, even also yacht funds and others to help you out with the best of: crew recruitment, clever taxation and financing, the yacht's flag, a berthing spot. For this, we can further help by introducing you to the best parties and expert advisors for your solutions. This can include a desired optimized ROA strategy. All in the light of what applies to your case to realize (and maintain) your dream yacht.

What if my desired yacht is not in the listings provided?

Should there be a rare case that your yacht is not present, than we first root-cause check the Why? It can be that your dreamed yacht with its specifications is not (yet) on the market. In that case, we will set for an adapted approach to find you your matching yacht which is our core competence and objective. That's why the search is a personalized yacht search.