About Jager Yachting

Dutch-born Nathalie Jager works as an Independent Yacht Acquisition Advisor and is an all-rounder in the field of yacht services

Nathalie Jager 

'For all do, I use my credo search-find-improve. It has always led me to find gems of well-priced luxury assets. I seem to have antennas to detect things with great potential and a creative mind to realize the optimum status.'

Growing up the summers on a motor yacht, I learnt all about specs, brands and prices thanks to my demanding dad. At the age of 10 onwards, I was able to set realistic market prices for yachts when given the specs. I also found out how wonderful it is being on the water; it completely relaxes the mind.


Years later, my deep rooted passion for interior decoration and the luxury travel destinations I visited for my own agency, led me to become proactively well-connected and updated with the superyacht market. I began finetuning the luxury yacht search as an asset acquisition process including the application of my technical sales experiences.


Being now home in both Holland and Italy, it led me to become a keen yacht scout. Yes, maybe thanks to my dedicated efforts to build a quality network and speaking 6 languages (Dutch, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish) but my real believe to create win-win situations is to be persistent, passionate and to always listen well to what clients want. 

Jager has an MBA from SDA Bocconi, Italy and Istituto d’Empresa, Spain and studied Chemistry-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University, The Netherlands.


Despite set backs, she grew her incentive travel agency from the age of 20, parallel with various international sales positions in different industries before returning to her real passion: yachts and interior decoration. 

My work thaught me all about yachts. Enjoy work and life and let me find the perfect one for you.