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 Независимый консультант по покупке яхт |  Персональный поиск яхт

Independent Yacht Acquisition Advisors



Personalized Yacht Search. One package-program. Critical, transparent and focussed on you.

We do comprehensive yacht search to find clients their matching yacht and verified for a correct market price. 

With our method, we save our clients time and money.
In fact, we have them choose their desired yacht from a bigger pool and we assist you to acquire minimizing risks. 

The How is Our Personalized Yacht Search package. 


Insiders in the yacht market, we carry out a below-radar personalized search. 
A deeper search, independent, with expertise at relevant moments in time, to get your best-buy yacht.
For pre-used and new build yachts.  

An unbiased independent approach.


Nathalie is an outstanding professional, both strategically and operationally. Her international mindset and intercultural competences, language abilities, flawless presentation, creativity, ability to analyze and understand the target audience and her goal-oriented personality are a few of many qualities that enabled her to achieve every goal we asked for. Beyond that, her personality made our cooperation a joy. 


Willem Rombauts, Manager BMW Germany


Jager Yachting • Independent Yacht Acquisition Advisors

Our work in the super yacht industry thaught us all about yachts. In fact, ever since being a child and growing up on a motor yacht, knowing how wonderful it is being on the water; it completely relaxes the mind. Untamed water fun, exploring distinct destinations, spending quality time with family and friends in privacy: a yacht means utter freedom.

Yacht comes from the Dutch word jacht and the Dutch family name Jager means hunter. Nomen est omen. Apparantly. Because we learnt how to hunt the best yachts, what specs count and what market values apply. The quality of all our alligned actions sums up to the total and that is our Yacht Search Package.

We take a differentiated trustworthy approach to have cosmopolitan spirits engage in yachting.  Our pleasure is to have you enjoy the waters as much as we do. 


We excell in finding the quality yacht you desire with a valid verified price tag. We are yacht advisor Nathalie Jager & her independent senior naval architects.

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Are you considering to buy a yacht? Is your assignment to find a specific yacht?


  • You are not sure yet which yacht is right for you?

  • You want some kind of assistance or you simply lack the time to find your yacht?

  • You can not find your -next- desired, specific yacht?

  • You would like advice regarding (some) specific yacht(s) that you have seen?

  • You are not sure about the right price vs. the asking price of the yacht that you spotted?

If your answer is yes, than you might recognize this: 

  • You want to have more yachts proposed to decide ?

  • You have several questions related to your spotted yacht but you don’t know whom to ask?

  • You are in touch with a yacht design team for a new build yacht but you want to assess the plans?

  • You are looking to buy a yacht with a specific purpose such as charter or a shared-ownership construction? 

Our Personalized Yacht Search is designed to guide you as a yacht owner to-be through the complex search process in your best interest. We work with Captains, Owner Reps and Family Offices. 


Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees..


We find your desired yacht with its valid price and help you to acquire it.


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